Welcome to Payris – A Better Way To Connect With Customers!

Payris is an internet marketplace disruptor and a centralized, curated matchmaker for consumer’s local needs. It’s an innovative sales and marketing tool for our Merchants as well – connecting you to direct consumer leads from verified Payris users, allowing you to keep more of your margins and stay in control, without increasing your marketing budget.

Shopping AND selling have never been this easy!

How does it work? Follow these easy-to-do steps to get your direct leads from Payris platform:

  • 1

    REGISTER — on the Payris platform

  • 2

    CREATE A CAMPAIGN — add your menu, products, and services

  • 3

    MATCH WITH LEADS — when a user wish matches your campaign’s tags and keywords

  • 4

    FULFILL WISHES — with a QR code at the point of purchase, helping your new customers earn even more Payris rewards

Interested in learning more?

Simply fill in an information request form and a Payris rep will get in touch with you to get the process started.

Who we are: The story behind Payris

Hey there! We are an international team of innovators and IT business leaders, driven to make the world a better and more comfortable place for people.

Payris started with a simple idea: why should getting what you want take so much time and effort? Consumers have too many raw, unfiltered options, and it is too time consuming to research them all, compare prices, etc. Why can’t brands, suppliers and and service companies just learn about what we need, in that moment in time, and make this process 10 times easier for us?

So we decided to break the existing internet marketplace rules and Payris –internet’s first wishlist place, built on the new economy of happiness and human interaction.


Our Team


Alex Glotov, CEO

Your time and personal data are priceless. Payris enables direct contact between the consumer and the merchant, fostering authentic brand relationships. Payris makes life easier. Is this not the future?


Andrii Dligach, CMO

Payris is an innovative market mechanism sitting on the intersection of consumerism and idealism. Here, you don’t need to search for a solution - the solution will find you! We believe the customer’s wishlists are valuable and the anchor of personalized marketing solutions.


Michael Babyak, Board Member, Marketing in USA

We are at the vanguard of a growing cultural awareness of the value of our personal data and skepticism towards the tech giants who have turned their users into an advertising product without ever cutting them into the profits.


Vladimir Vodopianov

Chief Business Development Officer (Canada)
Successful Ukrainian-Canadian entrepreneur


Vita Zinova, Customer Support

Payris is a great way to support local businesses. You can buy unique and interesting things in the corner shop, meet your neighbors and discover new stores nearby. Moreover, Payris will reward you for that.


Violetta Khlystun, Project ManagerPayris 

Payris brings us to a new reality of online shopping. This app connects you with best Local Businesses and makes your customer experience more convenient and easier.

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