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What is Payris?

Payris is a centralized, curated matchmaker for all your local needs.


Looking for food, experiences, products, and services that are just right for you?


Make your request in our app and we’ll match you with personalized offers from curated vendors in your neighborhood.


Earn cash rewards by opting in to our privacy-respecting surveys, so we can match you with the best offers and help give local businesses back their fair share of internet revenue.

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Why Payris?
  • Take Control of Your Data – Why should only internet giants profit from your data? With Payris, you are in control every step of the way, and the rewards you earn are yours to enjoy.

  • Share and Earn – Publish wishes for the things and experiences you want, take surveys about your preferences and opinions — and earn rewards that you can cash out and enjoy on your own terms.

  • Support Local Business – Get matched with curated vendors in your neighborhood and help give local businesses back their fair share of internet revenue.

  • Protect Your Privacy – Payris respects your privacy. We ask for details simply to match you with the best, most personalized offers and will never sell or share your personally identifiable information (PII).

How Does It Work?
Wish Feed

This is unlike any other social feed -- we invite you to get inspired by the wishes, needs, dreams and desires of others. See a wish you like? Make it your own with just a few taps, using the Join button.

Create Wish

Post wishes to get matched with menus, products and services in your neighborhood — and earn cash-value points each step of the way.


Earn rewards for completing surveys about your local shopping and dining habits and preferences, providing valuable market research for local businesses.


Review your rewards history, convert your points to cash and send it directly to your bank account.


Take control of your profile, data, and preferences on Payris. Coming soon: refer your friends to earn cash rewards...

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