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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to change my Payris Points into real USD?
— you need to have at least 1 Completed Wish (published wish, confirmed and completed by Vendor) and at least 25 points in your Payris Wallet. Note! 1 Payris Point equals 1 cent (USD). Just follow the instructions - it’s easy and will take up to 5 min to withdraw your reward.
I wanted to withdraw my Payris Points but failed. What should I do?
— sorry for this inconvenience, we are a new service, still mastering our functionality. Here is a short checklist - please, read it through and in case you completed all the mentioned steps and still failed, do not hesitate to reach our support service at 1) Publish at least 1 Wish, choose a Supplier and confirm it’s completed in your Profile / Suppliers section 2) Check your Payris Wallet and confirm you’ve got 25+ Payris Points. 3) Check your Profile Contact data (Mobile Phone, Email) and correct if needed. 4) Check the Financial Policy statement Confirmation at Rewards' section.
I confirmed amount of my withdrawal but got less than expected amount to my Bank Account. Why?
— according to Payris Legal and Financial Policy Statement after being redirected to our payment partner webpage for money withdrawal your Points are exchanged to USD or your national currency based on the exchange rate defined by the payment service provider. All processing fees and/or service commissions are defined and collected in accordance with the Terms of Use published on the payment provider’s website.
What can I do if my Wish was not completed but it is in Complete Mode at my profile?
— you can send a request to our Support team ( and describe your issue. It will be fixed ASAP - sorry for inconvenience, we are working hard to provide you with the best service ever.
Who will complete my Wishes?
— these are our Payris Suppliers, product and service providers all over the world, registered in Payris platform. Publish your Wishes and enjoy completing them!
What are Surveys?
— Payris Surveys are designed to help you get more Payris Points and also help our team to know you better - the better we understand what you like, the better we serve you! Choose a Survey, answer the questions and get your Payris Points!
How many Wishes can I publish?
— u can have 10 active wishes simultaneously.
What type of Wishes can I publish?
— any!
How can I publish a Wish?
— you can press the Create Wish button in the center of the wheel and get to the Wish creation page. Here you need to write what you want (short description), add a picture, add tags (keywords that are most important about your wish), add your contact details (or confirm stated in your profile) and Wish details - date to get what you want, price you are ready to pay. Then you need to press the Payris button again and here you go! Your wish is published, and you can see it in the Wish Feed. Keep calm and wait for the magic!
How can I use Payris Points?
— you can collect Payris Points in your profile and as soon as you've got 25 points and at least one Completed Wish you can change them - 1 Payris Point equals to 1 cent (USD) - and send to your bank card - to pay for your transport ticket, a cup of coffee or buy a sandwich. Payris Points are the internal reward which can become your real USD whenever you want.
What does a Wish Place mean?
— it’s a place where you can publish your Wishes and wait for them to be completed. Product or service provider will see what you Wish at Payris and deliver it to you on time. Dream Big - It Matters!
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