Payris: internet marketplace disruptor and a centralized, curated matchmaker for all your local needs, launches in Washington D.C.

PAYRIS, a mobile app set out to disrupt the shopping and data sharing economy, today announced its soft launch in Washington D.C. The new, free PAYRIS mobile app streamlines the process of local discovery, enabling local businesses to connect directly with customers searching for food, experiences, products, and services. It also invites users to take charge of their consumer destiny by controlling and monetizing their data.

PAYRIS was born as a solution to a problem every consumer has: the metaphorical and often literal headache of digital clutter and information overload. Consumers must sift through limitless options while ads and algorithms compete to tell them what they want. Additionally, internet giants have become the de facto mediator of commerce, making local discovery and direct brand relationships more difficult. 

At the same time, and especially in the current economic climate, consumer trends are shifting: the already existing desire to #shoplocal is increasing as people strive to support local businesses who are adapting to the COVID crisis. Now more than ever people want to feel connected to their neighborhoods and local businesses.

However, when a consumer tries to seek things they need and want to buy locally, there is no seamless solution that centralizes and presents local food, beverage, retail and service offerings.

The PAYRIS app streamlines the local discovery process into these simple steps: the consumer makes their wish list in the app and PAYRIS matches them with personalized offers from curated, local vendors.

Beyond that, the consumer is invited to earn cash rewards by opting in to PAYRIS privacy-respecting surveys, which help match you with the best offers and give local businesses back their fair share of internet revenue.

PAYRIS soft-launches this month in Washington D.C. and the app is available in the App Store and Google Play. The team invites consumers to begin posting to their wish lists, completing surveys and earning rewards as they begin onboarding local businesses in Washington DC.

The initial focus is on the food and beverage industry, especially local restaurants who have pivoted to take-out,grocery and CSA models during the COVID crisis in an attempt to diversify their offerings. PAYRIS will allow local businesses to connect to their customers in a centralized place and in real time, while keeping their margins higher than any other app on the market.


PAYRIS was founded in 2019, by a group of tech and finance innovators, positioned at the forefront of a growing cultural awareness of the value of our personal data and skepticism towards the tech giants who have turned their users into an advertising product without ever cutting them into the profits.